Well-chosen light takes care of not only eyesight, but also health, the well-being and the energy of employees. This is not an advertising slogan at all, but a confirmed scientific thesis. Human centric lightning (HCL) technology is a true innovation based on many years of research and breakthrough discoveries. How can you use it?
Sunlight has shaped the human being: it has determined the circadian rhythm and many life processes - hormonal balance, blood pressure, immunity - these are just a few areas that are indirectly influenced by the 24-hour cadence of light and darkness. Invariably for hundreds of thousands of years, the sun has been of great importance for good functioning, and also for work.


Inspired by the human-light relationship, scientists George Brainard and John Hanifin have studied the aforementioned relationship over the years in the laboratories of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. Finally, in 2002, they published the results of a study in JNeurosci magazine, in which they proved that light shining into the retina of the eye affects not only the constriction of the pupil (vision), but also the non-visual responses of the body, including alertness, well-being, efficiency and human psyche.


It didn't take long for the world of technology to become interested in the Brainard and Hanifin results. After all, in the 21st century, a person can determine his circadian rhythm and stimulate himself to be active using electric light sources. New lighting design concepts have emerged, focusing on the possibility of personalizing it and adapting it to the biological needs of a human being. We are talking about HCL, i.e. human centric lightning.
To put it simply, HCL uses the fact that light with a high content of the blue spectrum (colloquially known as "cool white") helps to wake up and concentrate, while the light enriched with the yellow spectrum relaxes and brings to mind solar radiation at sunset.
The key to success is the ability to dynamically, independently switch between the two types of light, depending on the needs. This is possible thanks to digital dimmers that smoothly mix the work of LEDs in lighting fixtures.


How can you benefit from human centric lightning? HCL can precisely adjust the lighting to each zone of your office. It will work especially well in large open spaces, where there is a conference space or lounge sofas next to workplaces and the needs of neighboring employees are extremely different. In a modern office, each employee can also, with the help of a remote control, independently manage the lighting of his desk, adjusting it to the planned periods of increased work or moments of rest.


The benefits of using HCL include:

  • Increasing employee productivity,
  • Taking care of their comfort and well-being,
  • Appreciation of the individuality of each employee,
  • Unlocking the potential of the rented space.

Light can be a creator of positive emotions - it adds energy, motivates and increases comfort, but when set incorrectly - it irritates, blinds, causes quick eye strain or distraction. Therefore, it is also worth remembering the precise design and experienced HCL technology contractor. Contact us, arrange a product presentation and introduce innovative lighting quality to your office.