Lumiverso - manufacturer of LED luminaires for the commercial sector

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Clothing, footwear, sports, drugstores, perfumery, electronics, watches, accessories and more




HoReCa, furniture salons, optical salons, pharmacies, hairdressing salons, fitness clubs



Grocery stores, bakeries, vegetables / fruits, butchers, delicatessen



Office space, car showrooms, galleries and shopping parks, private interiors

We are specialists in shop lighting

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Are you going to open a new store? Or maybe you want to upgrade already existing shop? Looking for new inspiration? Want to use the latest technology in lighting? You've come to the right place!

6 reasons why you should work with us

Why are we different than others


The optimal model of cooperation with component suppliers allows us to offer the lowest prices maintain premium quality and performance.


We take care of all the details at every stage of cooperation. We set up luminaries and train staff, we provide extensive documentation.


For use with point products of the highest compression quality. We focus on high functionality and available parameters.


We know that time is important. We provide short time delivery and a wide selection of options. We specialize in quick production. We are extremely flexible.


We make lighting projects based on our own unique solutions and the latest trends in commercial interior architecture.


In our showroom we are constantly testing the latest LED light sources. This ensures that we provide the best available technology.

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Meet our products. They are the ones who work in the best projects

Premium solutions at economical price

Our products are unique optical technology solutions that provide precise control over light beams. Effect? Perfectly illuminated shops, full of light and contrast, but without the glare.

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lumiverso - L1 tracklight

lumiverso - tracklight L2

lumiverso - szynoprzewody

lumiverso - pullout


lumiverso - linia z trackiem

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Your store can also be so illuminated!

We solve the problems of lighting

Use our experience and commitment

What we offer our clients is far more than a design or a product. It is primarily our experience and excellent knowledge of the problem of illuminating the surface in shopping centers.

Implementing lighting with us is a guarantee of excellent lighting effect, timely execution and comfortable cooperation at every stage.

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We will prepare for you a project and a comprehensive lighting solution

From experience we know that regardless of the size of the investment, it is worth preparing a lighting project with 3D simulation. The project also allows you to develop an offer in several price variants.
And most importantly - you do not pay anything for the project!

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