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In the professional lighting business we are present since 2004. As pioneers in applying solid state LED light sources, we have gained a lot of experience in their use, and thanks to the cooperation with the best manufacturers of luminaires and components, our products have a reputation for the most reliable on the Polish market.

What we do

We offer comprehensive solutions for the lighting industry


Our design department on a regular basis is drafting arrangement lighting to new store openings. As part of the project performed we offer modern lighting solutions tailored to customer needs. Our systems are compatible with current standards and the latest trends in commercial lighting. For each project are made precise calculations and computer simulations, as well as a number of visualization

We Modernise the existing LIGHTING SYSTEMS

LED technology allows for a significant reduction in operating costs associated with lighting. It is, therefore, to examine the possibility of upgrading the existing lighting system. Our role is to prepare a comprehensive project, which takes into account many factors related to our existing infrastructure, and also offers the ability to refresh the image of the store. In many cases, the replacement of the lighting is not associated with the closure of premises and renovations.

We design and deliver the best lighting

We know everything about LED technology

We are specialists in LED technology in lighting. Besides luminaires in our offer includes dedicated solutions for lighting shelves and cabinets, as well as decorative lighting. We work with the best manufacturers of luminaires and LED sources in the world. For almost ten years, we introduce unique products thereby actively influence the shape of the Polish lighting market.

Projektujemy i dostarczamy najlepsze oświetlenie

How we do it

We provide comprehensive lighting design services

  • Brand analysis
    Brand analysis
  • Analysis of competition
    Analysis of competition
  • Making of concept
    Making of concept
  • Dedicated project
    Dedicated project

Systematic action based on quality standards ensures outstanding performance. With lighting systems we do not limit ourselves only to provide a simple project. We know that the final result is affected by a huge amount of detail.