Passion. Hobby. Work. In Lumiverso differences become blurred.


We have our own production based on innovative technology, original designs and professional support in preparing the store for opening. These are the three foundations on which our business is based. We treat each of them equally.


We do not accept mediocrity, which is why we are happy to take on challenges in which we need innovation, creativity and up-to-date knowledge. We listen carefully to your needs and ask the right questions. At Lumiverso, you can also count on us to respect your time and busy schedule - we always keep our word and settle our obligations on time.


We visit and analyze the best lighting projects for high fashion brands from around the world. These trips help us achieve our goal of international recognition and the highest level of competence.


The founders of Lumiverso, Dominik Wagner and Szymon Kowiel, started operating in the lighting industry in 2004 with the arrival of the first white LEDs on the market. After several years of independent activity, they decided to join forces and take full advantage of the new technology in the retail sector. The official date of establishing the company was 2010.
They quickly realized how right they made their decision. In 2011, Lumiverso established exclusive cooperation with the Taiwanese brand Ledion-opto, belonging to one of the global leaders in the production of LEDs by Edison-opto - an entity associated with reliability, excellent color of light and premium quality. Thanks to this relationship, our brand was the first to introduce replacements for classic halogens on the market.
The next stages of the company's development coincide with the development of LED technology - following the change is inscribed in Lumiverso's DNA. In 2014, when the efficiency of the LEDs made it possible to replace metal halide luminaires, an innovative design studio was established and a production line for luminaires shortly after.
Today, Lumiverso can boast of the highest quality standards, the image of a reliable and innovative brand and a portfolio rich in projects for well-known premium brands.