Passion. Hobby. Work. In Lumiverso differences become blurred.


Lumiverso is an innovative design office specialising in lighting technology. We are also a manufacturer of luminaires.


At Lumiverso, we greatly value an honest and responsible approach to business. We keep our word and we pay our commitments on time. We are ambitious and we like challenges very much, because they are the way we develop. We are committed to the highest quality products and services. We build our competitive advantage based on innovative solutions and know-how. We respect our partners and care about the quality of our relations. We are careful, we listen and we ask questions. We draw satisfaction from well done work and satisfaction of our customers.


Traveling around the world we are inspired by the best lighting projects created for high fashion brands. Our development in the field of design naturally goes in this direction, so we have a clear goal to achieve a comparable level of competence and to become an internationally recognised brand.


Our history dates back to 2004, when the first white LEDs appeared on the market. At that time the founders of the company - Dominik Wagner and Szymon Kowiel were among the first in Poland to offer LED light sources. The dynamic development of the lighting industry driven by the technological revolution created a great opportunity for many companies. In order to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the market, we decided to join forces and that is how Lumiverso was established in 2010.
From the very beginning the company has been developing very dynamically. In 2011 we established cooperation with the Taiwanese brand Ledion-opto, which is one of the global leaders in the production of LEDs by Edison-opto. Being the exclusive distributor on the Polish market, we were the first to offer fully functional replacements for classic halogen sources. The Ledion-opto brand was associated on the market thanks to its high quality and excellent light colour and the products themselves were offered in the "premium" segment.
In 2014, LED technology achieved efficiency enabling the replacement of metal halide lamps, commonly used in the Retail sector. In this segment we decided to specialise and develop. In order to meet the requirements of the market, we created a design department where 5 designers currently work. With time, we launched our own production of luminaires and developed a number of quality standards which allowed us to build the image of a reliable and innovative brand. At present, the majority of well-known and popular clothing brands with their shops in shopping centres all over Poland belong to our customers.