The display window and the store entrance are two key areas of your store when it comes to increasing the level of spontaneous purchases. When fighting for a customer with the help of visual merchandising tools, do not forget about the element often overlooked by your competition: lighting.
Customers willing to make spontaneous purchasing decisions are undoubtedly valuable for companies renting premises in shopping malls. According to experts from the Retail Institute, their expenses can account for up to 25% of the turnover of stores. However, before impulse-prone people grab the product and approach the checkout, they must notice the store and cross its threshold. And this can only be initiated by an attractive shop window. How can you be sure that yours will play its part well?
Responsible brands use visual merchandisigners for this purpose, who select colors, decorations, use promotional slogans and display products in the best possible way. The effects are often delightful, but are they maximally effective? After all, the same VM tools are also used by competitors.
You can beat your competition with lighting that will lure customers' eyes towards your display, causing them to stop there and influencing the decision to enter. Here are three ways to increase the number of spontaneous purchases in your store with the help of LED lamps.
Lumiverso design and lighting implementation: Kontigo


This element will allow you to clearly mark the presence of a specific product or set on the mannequin on display. Lenticular frames (contrast technology) provide distinctive, intense light, precisely illuminating the object, omitting the background. While other reflectors always emit some diffuse light, LED lenses in lens frames create a spectacular contrast without the halo effect (characteristic halo behind the product, which is uncontrolled illumination of the object's surroundings). Thanks to this, they effectively catch the customer's eye and keep him focused on the product longer. You can read more about contrast technology here.
Lumiverso design and lighting implementation: Douglas


According to Philips experts, light emitted in a light beam narrower than 18° is the most attractive to the eye of a customer. But the direction and angle of incidence of light is also of great importance for attracting the attention of visitors walking through the corridors of the shopping mall. The most dramatic effect is, of course, the beams of light falling from above, but the side effect is usually very strong shadows, distorting the full image. Narrow beams of spotlight focused in lamps illuminating the object from the side work much better on the windows. By using a narrow angle and placing light sources on the sides of the display case, you can be sure that the contrast not only attracts attention, but also creates a dynamic, three-dimensional image.
Lumiverso design and lighting implementation: Cropp


Just as the first two elements are responsible for attracting attention with contrast, the third is designed to emphasize colors and arouse admiration. LEDs with a boosted spectrum will help you achieve this, i.e. lighting that makes the whites brighter, the blacks deeper and the color more vivid than on the neighboring display case. They are the best tool for promoting colorful spring collections, but they are also a great support for visual merchandisigners, whose task is to make a website with formal clothing, e.g. suits, more attractive, where the dazzling white of the shirt and the deep navy blue of the jackets should speak for themselves. You can read more about how this type of lighting works in this article.
Lumiverso design and lighting implementation: Hexeline


In times when the prices, appearance and quality of products in competing stores are similar, a store’s way of presenting its assortment may be of the greatest importance to the customer. Especially one who, crossing the threshold of a shopping mall, allows himself to make a purchasing decision on impulse. You want to influence their desire to enter your store, and we can help you with that. Write to us and arrange a free demo of Lumiverso lighting possibilities.