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Modern, comfortable, intelligent lighting for offices and commercial spaces

The new dimension in comfort of office work

Good lighting does not affect on the eye fatigue, improves efficiency, and reduces energy consumption

Modern LED lighting systems dedicated for office buildings offer great comfort. Automatically adjust the amount of light to external conditions reducing energy consumption by up to 90%. No flicker and low glare translate into less eye fatigue.

Why with us?

We know how to optimize your lighting system

The combination of know-how of the design of high-quality products allows for free development of space using light. We know very well how to build simple and economical smart system, which will dynamically adjust the power of luminaires, to always provide the desired amount of light at the workplace.

We say goodbye to fluorescent tubes Welcome LEDs!

What differentiate similar products on the market? The light efficiency

LED panels are currently the most popular luminaires for lighting in office spaces and service facilities. It is characterized by high uniformity of luminance and through a series of accessories is extremely versatile in installation. Our panels can also be ceiling or recessed mounted and suspended as well..

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See why you should invest in professional lighting

  • Modern LED lighting in the office radically improves the comfort
  • Daylight harvesting system offers energy savings up to 90%
  • "Flicker-Free" technology is a total absence of flicker, who cares about your eyes

The investment in LED lighting system with autonomous dimming has a very short ROI. That's why it is worth to analyse of the purchase, even if we rent the office space. LED panels can be easily transferred to a new location.

Do you thinking about upgrading the lighting?
Do you open the new loaction ?

Send us your office drawing and we will arrange free of charge lighting project

Why do the simulation? The quantity of luminaires calculated without a Dialux or Relux can result in failure to meet the standards for workplace lighting!

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