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3-phase tracks and accesories

Track light installations allow for comfortable and almost any arrangement with 3-phase rail-mounted luminaires. Thanks to the use of bus-ducts, the lighting of the premises can be easily rearranged. The advantage is the speed of the first installation, and the speed of later possible changes. In addition to the busbar itself, accessories, connectors, surface-mounted as well as pendant mounting systems are available. Busbars are mainly used in museums, offices, shopping malls, shops and more and more often in private homes.

3-phase LTS tracks

Available in 1m, 2m, and 3m lengths

The rails can be freely cut, so we are not limited by the standard product length. An additional advantage is the fact that after cutting, the busbar is ready to use. Unlike competitive products, there is no need to bend the "wires" with a special tool.

Available in white (RAL9003) and black (RAL9005)

Why 3-phase?

More is better!

Deciding on 3-phase rails we give ourselves the possibility of additional lighting arrangement. By installing and setting the lamps on different phases, we can later decide whether we want to light all the lamps at the same time or only part of them. This solution is primarily economical in terms of electricity bills. When there is no need, we can switch off some of the lamps - with one press of a button on the wall.


Lumiverso 3-phase LTS tracks are compatible with adapters that fit into popular rails such as the Lumiverso:
- GLOBAL (Nordic Aluminium)
- Unipro

Thanks to this, there is no slightest fear that the lamps might not fit!

One type of LTS tracks - many applications with popular adapters


Wide range of fasteners

A great advantage of the 3-phase tracks system is the wide range of available accessories. Thanks to them, you can easily make almost any installation according to your requirements.

All accessories available in a colour matching the 3-phase tracks colour

Suspended assembly

Quick and precise adjustment

As a standard, the rails are surface mounted, however, due to the variety of applications, special kits have been prepared for suspended mounting - on cables.

Thanks to the so-called "line lock", we can easily adjust the height of slings

High quality

The 3-phase tracks system is designed for professional use. Thanks to the 2.5mm2 conductors used, the maximum voltage rating is 400V and the current rating is 16A.


Carga de voltaje máximo: 400V
Carga máxima de corriente: 16A
Colores disponibles: Blanco (RAL9003), o Negro (RAL9005)
longitud de la barra colectora: 1000mm, 2000mm, or 3000mm
Ancho de la barra colectora: 31.5mm
La altura de la barra: 32.5mm
IP: 20

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