Our technology

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Advanced optical system

The small difference that changes everything

Our solution allows for precise focusing of the beam - with additional lens over the LED chip. This allows a much better exposure and totaly eliminates undesirable "halo" effect. In addition, also it increases comfort by reducing glare to a minimum.

Modern design

We are distinguished by unique design and high functionality

Design of our products is a unique combination of modern shapes with high functionality and minimalist form.

Nowoczesny design

Highest quality components

We cooperate only with the best technology providers

The quality of the components used for the production of luminaires has radically affect the operating costs of lighting. High efficiency LED chips include lower power consumption, and branded power supplies are high reliability.

  • Bridgelux
  • Citizen
  • Epistar
  • Global Trac
  • Mean well
  • Nichia
  • Philips
  • Samsung
  • Tridonic

Optimal light color

Adjusted to the needs of your business

Currently, LED technology allows for free shaping of the light spectrum - this means that we now have a much wider choice of corelated color temperatures and shades of white. Of particular interest are special versions of the chips prepared for light clothing.

CRI 80/90

See the difference

CRI is a color rendering index. Extremely important parameter that decides how we perceive colors in artificial light. In our products the dominant indicator is 93, while the sunlight reaches 100.

Top technology provider

The highest quality standards

What distinguishes our supplier? We work out with one of the best companies in the lighting industry Retail / Fashion in China. The requirements of the local market premium is extremely high - especially in terms of reliability, which is why even the smallest potential risk of failure is removed in the testing phase factory. The result of our collaboration is perfectly designed and reliable fixture that its design can compete with the best European brands.

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