Each Lumiverso product ensures quality, failure-free operation and the highest available parameters. You only have to choose the design. Discover the lighting fixtures for the most demanding customers.

Square LED linear luminaires

The product in the standard version is available as a straight section with lengths typical for fluorescent sources. It is possible to prepare a product of any length using invisible internal connectors. The line is extended seamlessly, i.e. the connection points are not visible.

Unique design

Adapted to any interior

Lighting the space should be not only functional, but also aesthetic. It should have its own individual character. By creating the entire system for a specific facility, you get a unique, tailor-made design.

Endless possibilities

Unique features

Thanks to special corners and internal connections, the entire plane, including the right angles, remains illuminated.

Lines, squares, rectangles

There are many possibilities

Lighting systems are characterized by a wide viewing angle - as much as 150 °! When designing a system for a specific interior, we precisely select the number of lumens, the color of light, and on a special request, we also install a driver with the possibility of dimming the luminaires.

Surface mounting

Two suspension systems

There are two mounting variants - surface mounted and suspended. On special orders, fixtures are available in any length.

Suspended mounting

Slings in three versions

The suspended luminaires are regulated with rope suspensions, allowing the height of the lamp to be adjusted to the interior. There are three colors of the grilles, color-matched to the luminaire.

System accessories

Additional light source

Spot light tailored to your needs. It can illuminate part of the desk or pictures on the walls in the hall.

Technical specification

Voltage: 230V AC (via built-in Tridonic driver)
Power factor (PF): >0,95
Power: bespoke
Color Temperature: 3000/4000K
Beam angle: 150°
CRI: 90
Length: 600-3000mm
Section height: 75mm
Section width: 75mm
IP: IP40
Additional options: suspended or surface-mounted
ready-made "square" luminaires
can be joined into larger squares
Can be made to size - e.g. 200 cm

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