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Lighting, which affects the sale

Lighting in a fashion store

It has a massive impact on the brand image

Lighting in clothing has many functions - it's worth it to know to be able to fully optimize your lighting system. The design of the lighting system is characterized by a perfectly preserved proportions between background and display, low glare and good color reproduction. Properly lighted display window attracts attention, and the light in the fitting comfort and functionality.

Why with us?

We know how to optimally design the lighting system

Retail/Fashion lighting is our specialization. The area of our interest is a direct affect of lighting in the shop on sales. We have extensive experience in desig of commercial lighting systems. We have the best technology but we offer affordable solutions for all customers.

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Only the best LED luminaures!

In our projects we use only lfixures with advanced optical system

To be able to model the full range of interior lighting you need a wide range of angles of lighting fixtures. Our products provide unprecedented range - from super-narrow angle beam used on display windows to the soft fuzzy wall washers perfectly illuminate the background.

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  • Guaranteed results

See why you should invest in professional lighting

  • Beautifully lighted window display, and the interior of the store are affecting on an increase in the number of visits to the store, and thus - indirectly on increase in sales
  • Maintaining the appropriate balance can indicate a specific range, eg. A new collection and attract the attention of customers exactly where they so wish.
  • Modernization of several years old lighting system is often more than twice as energy saving - also on the air conditioning cost!

By analyzing hundreds of brands present on the Polish market, you can easily identify those which are distinguished by thoughtful interior design and excellent lighting. In our opinion you should be in this group.

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We prepare for you free of charge lighting design

We know from experience that regardless of the size of the investment, it should prepared a lighting design with 3D-simulation. The project also allows for the development of the offer in several price levels. And the most important - you do not pay anything for the project!

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