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The magic of colors ot majestic white

Illumination highlight character and shape of illuminated object. Creates a new dimension in space.

Architectural lighting fits perfectly into the urban space. It creates a climate and unique character, which permanently changes the environment. The light emphasizes the body, highlights the plasticity of the object and its line. Even the smallest illumination does not go unnoticed. While comprehensively designed adds prestige charekter.

Why with us?

We know how to achieve the best effect

While preparing the project of illumination, we take into account all aspects - both technical and aesthetic. We know the problems of external lighting from the infrastructure of power and control over the selection of angle beams of illumination, power and mounting issues.

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Our offer allows to make illumination of any object

A wide range of angle beams of illumination and power gives us unlimited possibilities

Products in our range have been selected by a special key. Our goal was completion of fixtures in the full range of power and housings allow for installation wherever there is a need - on the facade in the ground, on poles, window sills and cornices, as well as booms and many other places. Luminaires are available in single-color and RGB (with control DMX)

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See why you should invest in professional lighting

  • Architectural objects illuminated by dynamically changing colors attract the attention of and does not go unnoticed
  • Lighting control allows you to change its character. Occasionally, you can use light to send messages - eg. The colors red and white of the national holidays.
  • External illumination made in LED technology is energy saving . It is therefore to modernize older lighting systems.

Outdoor lighting also makes an aesthetic function. Imagine a city where only the streets are illuminated ... And although not all buildings have their own illuminations, it is these other create a friendly atmosphere in the city just after sunset.

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