Industrial lighting

Production area and warehouses

What makes it unique

LED lighting is highly reliable, economical and safe solution for industry

The role of lighting in the production are have to support the safety of employees, increase their efficiency, but also be economical and practical. Therefore, in the projects of LED systems for these objects we pay attention on the uniform distribution of light and its corresponding intensity. We use luminaires that work for many years and keep stable parameters for long time..

Why with us?

We know how to reduce acquisition and operating costs to a minimum

We care about the return on investment - we know that the lighting for the hall can be economical, and at the same time high quality. We offer systems generating minimal amount of heat, so it doesn't affect the condition of the goods in warehouses. Fittings installed in the production facilitates make work more comfortable and allowed for easier moving around the premises.

Smart lighting control system

Extends the life time of the luminaries and reduces energy consumption

Why is the control system is so important? It allows us to automatically adjust the lighting intensity to actual demand. Information from the sensors (motion detectors, brightness) goes directly to the luminaires connected in groups. The amount of light delivered to the work stations is thus always adapted to the external conditions and the presence of persons in place.

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  • Bright, uniform lighting in the production hall improve safety
  • In high bay warehouses use of presence detectors generates a energy savings up tof 50%
  • Precise lighting on work place improves productivity of employees

At present, the newly built industrial buildings are lit exclusively with LED technology. Considering buying a new system, it is worth to analyse payback time. The most effective solutions, in spite of higher prices have a much faster ROI time.

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