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Panel LED 596×596

The use of a special microprismatic iris ensures low
UGR<19 glare and very high uniformity. In the luminaireLEDs with an increased colour rendering index are usedCRI>90,
which in combination with Tridonic's branded power supply provides
long and failure-free lamp operation. With additional accessories
there is a possibility of surface mounting on the ceiling, and ceilings
GK suspensions with springs.

Recessed montage

Springs for false ceilings

Optional mounting by using springs which allow the use of the LED panel in the false ceilings.

The spring in the photograph

Surface mounting

Frame for ceiling montage

The fixture is adapted for mounting to solid elements and to suspend on the ropes. Metal clamps ensure safe operation in all conditions.

Frame for ceiling montage (photography)

Suspended montage

Two systems of ropes

LED Panel can be suspended by two ropes (Y-type), or by four independent ropes. Product is suitable for both of these systems.

Accessories for suspended montage - on photography

Constant current

Non-dimmable, or dimmable

By standard, LED Panels are powered by non-dimmable Philips Xitanium driver, but also are available: 1-10V drivers, or DALI drivers.

Technische Spezifikation

Betriebsspannung: 220-240V AC (durch externe Stromversorgung)
Leistung: 30W
Lichtstrom: 3850lm
Farbtemperatur: 4000K
CRI: 90
UGR: <19
Abstrahlwinkel: 140°
IP: 40
Breite: 596mm
Länge: 596mm
Höhe: 11,5mm
Einbaudurchmesser: 560x560 (bei Verwendung von Federn)

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