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Modular LED Downlight

Modular LED downlight is an extremely efficient multi-functional
lighting system and an excellent replacement sources MH 30W.
Replaces traditional incandescent and halogen lamps up to 150W.
The 28W lamp has a brightness control functions using an external power supply (optional).
The product is also characterized by a unique design, designed according
to the latest trends. The module can be used in shopping malls, showrooms,
libraries, etc. A wide range of angles of illumination meet all the expectations
of the designers on lighting solutions.

Technische Spezifikation

Betriebsspannung: 230V AC (über 3-Phasen-Stromschiene)
Lichtstrom: 2800/2860lm
Farbtemperatur: 4200K/4000K/3400K/3200K/30000K/Light Pink
Leistung: 10W/18W/28W
CRI: 90/94/95
Abstrahlwinkel: 15°, 24°, 36°, or 45°
IP: 20
Durchmesser: fi 170mm
Höhe: 80mm
Einbaudurchmesser: 155mm

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