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3-phase tracks and accessories

Installations which use tracks allows almost any arrangement with fixtures mounted on 3-phase tracks. By using them, you can easily rearrange the lighting. The advantage is the speed of the first installation and the future changes. Besides the are available various accessories like: connectors, surface mounting systems and suspensions. Tracks are mainly used in museums, offices, shopping malls, stores, and increasingly in private houses.

3-phase tracks

Available: 1m, 2m, or 3m long

Tracks can be freely cut, so we don't have the limit of the length of a standard product. Another advantage is the fact that, after cut, track is ready for use. Unlike competing products, there is no need for bending the "wires" with a special tool.

Available colors: white (RAL9003), or black (RAL9005)

Why 3-phases ?

More means better !

Deciding on a 3-phase tracks, we give ourselves the possibility of additional arrange of interior lighting. When installing and setting the lamp at different stages, we can later decide whether we want to light all the lights at once, or eg. only part of them. This solution is especially cost-effective in the context of the electricity bill. When you do not need, you can easy turn off some lights.


Lumiverso tracks are compatible with adapters of popular producents, such as:
- GLOBAL (Nordic Aluminium)
- Unipro

Thanks to it, there's not the slightest concern that the lamps can not fit!

One type of Track - many uses with the popular adapters


Wide choice of connectors

The great advantage of the tracks system is the wide variety of accessories. Thanks to them, you can easily perform almost any system depending on demand.

All accessories are available in the color corresponding to the color of the track

Suspended montage

Fast and precise adjustment

Tracks are prepared for surface-mounted as a standard, however, because of the diversity of use, they have been prepared special sets for mounting on suspensions.

Thanks to the special lock, we can easily adjust the height of the suspension

High quality

Track system is suitable for profesional usage. Thanks to the 2,5mm2 wires, load voltage is up to 400V and the current is up to 16A.

Technical specification

Max. voltage: 400V
Max. current: 16A
Available colors: White (RAL9003), or black RAL9005)
Length: 1000mm, 2000mm, lub 3000mm
Width: 32mm
Height: 36mm
IP: IP20

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