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Shop lighting it is strongest skill

It is also our hobby, in which we are fully invoived.

We know how to create a unique atmosphere in any interior, emphasize its advantages and give a unique glow that will not let anyone indifferent.

Our know-how is extensive knowledge and experience acquired over 10 years. It is also hundreds of projects, dozens of hours spent in showrooms, foreign training and excellent support from manufacturers of luminaires.

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Our leading products

Thanks to our products, our designs are amazing

A selection of our products is not accidental. Thanks to the cooperation with suppliers who also do lighting projects for premium brands we have access to the best technology and unique technical solutions.

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We prepare for you lighting design and a comprehensive offer of lighting

We know from experience that regardless of the size of the investment, it should be prepared a lighting design with 3D-simulation. The project also allows for the creation of the offer in several price level variants. And the most important thing - you do not pay anything for the design!

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